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Goose with apples and potatoes

Posted by on Aug 13, 2012

Goose with apples and potatoes
Excluding special delicate taste goose meat is also popular because of its benefits. The meat of this bird is clean and environmentally safe.

A digestible fat, which is rich in these foods have many vysokonasyschennyh fatty acids, and most of it is linoleic. This acid provides the elasticity of blood vessels, stimulates the normal development of the body, cholesterol and vitamin metabolism, regulates hormones.

In order to be able to duck dish to choose young – he paws have a bright orange color. For cooking:

– 1 goose

– 1 kg of potatoes

– 7.8 unsweetened apple pieces

– 1 lemon

– 50 g raisins

– 50 g of dried apricots

-50 grams of prunes


– to taste salt and black pepper Vegetable oil Goose medium sized thoroughly washed under water. Give the bird dry off with paper towels or wipes. Cooled in the refrigerator. Cold and dry the outside of the goose rub half a lemon, black pepper and salt. Cover and leave in a cool place overnight to marinate.

Take 4-5 apples can cut into cubes and add to them dried apricots, raisins and prunes – prepare, so fragrant filling. Loosely fills the entire mixture goose. Sew up the abdomen and tied legs that would keep its shape during cooking. Warms the oven to 200-220C. Lubricates form fat, laid our associated "handsome" and send to 30 minutes. After this time, we obtain the form of the goose and pour the grease in his footsteps. Put another 30 minutes, checking that he had not burnt. Lower the temperature to 180C and leave the bird for 1 hour. Then again we obtain a goose and merge it with all the fat in a separate vessel. Several entire small apple prick with a fork and spread around the goose, which again goes in the oven for 30 minutes. During cooking, the apple should also pour goose fat. On average, 3 kg goose should prepare total of about 3 hours.

Merged goose fat emptied into another form and refractory to it as we spread the garlic cloves and cut into two or four pieces of potato. Potatoes, by the way, you can make a "country-style", that is not peeled and well cleaned. All season with salt and pepper, stir and also send it to the oven.

Before serving, spread the goose, and around the scalloped potatoes and whole apples. Thus prepared and served food to the table turns any weekday public holidays.