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Chicken with thyme

Posted by on Aug 1, 2012

Chicken with thyme
Some of the most delicious dishes are derived from chicken. Chicken truly deserves its place on the pedestal of the culinary arts.

Its meat is very hard to mess up, but make it magically does not cost anything, the main thing is not to overdo it. In restaurants and bars, you can try a variety of delicious chicken dishes. Exclusive dishes can just cooked at home. In order to surprise guests with thyme chicken will be just right.

Thyme, very spicy herb and is suitable for all types of meat and poultry, so with it you can prepare delicious and interesting dishes, one of which will be roasted chicken with thyme.

For the preparation you will need: – 4 chicken fillets – a couple of sprigs of fresh timyanasok – half a lemon – salt – black pepper – oil for frying.

Arrange the chicken on a cutting a board, make a small incision, and good salt and pepper on both sides. Good rub. Drizzle fillets with lemon juice.

On a well-heated pan, place fillets and cook 3 minutes on each side, then sprinkle each fillet of fresh thyme leaves should be sprinkled already during cooking, or until cooked almost fillet, thyme and even the foothills, and will give bitterness. Reduce heat and cook for another 3 minutes fillets on each side, until cooked. This simple dish can use any garnish and with it you can dream as much as you want.

More complicated dish of chicken, takes more time, but it is very interesting and has bright colors. For the preparation you will need: – 2 chicken fillets – 1 sprig thyme – 1 carrot – a clove of garlic – 1 small onion – lemon – salt – black pepper – foil.

1) Take a meter of foil and fold it in half, wrap the side edges centimeter on each side, thus you get the envelope. 2) Cut the carrots thin slices, onions, divided into four parts, cut from a thick slice of lemon. 3) In the envelope, place fillet, carrots, a sprig of thyme, onion, garlic, season with salt and pepper, lemon, Adrenaline can put chili, pour half a glass of cold water and wrap tightly envelope, no matter what he was leaking. 4) Preheat oven to 220 degrees and place a pillow in our oven. When the chicken is ready, vzduetsya envelope.

This dish will exude a lot of flavors and bright colors.

These simple dishes like chicken with thyme, will please all guests.