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Lasagna with meat – recipe

Posted by on Jul 5, 2012

Lasagna with meat - recipe
There are many different types of pasta. Separately identifiable paste for baking. This type of pasta are cannelloni and lasagne.

Lasagna typical Italian dish, is the pride of Emilia – Romagna, where, presumably, and was first prepared.

Lasagne are rectangular plates test, which is supposed to alternate with stuffing and bake in the oven. Lasagna sheets may be ordinary or with additives, such as pumpkin, or spinach. Then lists a distinctive color, depending on what has been added in the preparation of the test.

Now lasagna sheets can be easily found in the supermarket. But you can prepare yourself, if you have a dedicated machine for rolling dough. In the case of the purchase of sheets – read carefully packaging. Sometimes it lists previously boiled, sometimes simply soak in water. Before cooking should be prepared sheets. They should not be sticky and slightly hardish (undercooked). Many types of lasagna – with meat, seafood, and vegetables with meat, vegetarian – with vegetables and mushrooms, and even sweet.

Different options and the sauce – filling. More often than others – it's tomato sauce with herbs and creamy milky thick bechamel.

Consider the most popular lasagna recipe. Lasagna with meat and b├ęchamel sauce.

We need:

plate of lasagna – prepare as indicated on the packaging, cheese, preferably parmesan.

For the filling:

minced beef or mixed – 700g. -1 onion sht.tomaty – 2-3 pieces.

For the sauce:

butter – 50g.muka – 2st.lozhki.slivki or milk – 500ml. Salt to taste.

Prepare the sauce.

To do this, melt the butter in a skillet, add a little flour and fry, stirring well. Cream or milk should be heated nearly to boiling and salt – you need to reduce the possibility of a lump to a minimum. Quietly starting to pour the milk into the flour, mixing well, bring to the consistency of sour cream. If necessary, add salt.

Now filling.

Fried beef with chopped onion. At this time, cut the tomatoes and add water, grind in a blender until smooth. Pour in the tomatoes and beef, adding salt and spices, continue cooking until thick. The sheets are ready.

Begin collecting lasagna.

Baking is better to use a square or rectangular shape. Form of oil or grease can be a little to sauce. Lay out part of the filling, cover with lasagna sheets, each layer of lasagna sheets promazyvayut good b├ęchamel sauce. Then – again, stuffing, sprinkle with a little cheese, another layer of sheets and so on. Latest – lasagna sheets topped with cheese, you can add sauce. Sheets are best laid crosswise. Lasagna is better to keep the shape. Bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for 40 minutes. If you have a strong upper light, the first 20 minutes of lasagna can be covered with foil, and then remove it. After removing the foil pinned lasagna with a fork so as not swelled.