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Recipes from sturgeon

Posted by on Jun 8, 2012

Recipes from sturgeon
Recipes from sturgeon suggest butchering carcasses into portions without skin and bones and skin and boneless or bone. To remove the scales should be lowered finished carcass in boiling water for 4 – 5 minutes. Big fish should be cut into pieces along the spine, and then on the part of the desired value. Fish should be washed only with running cold water. Sturgeon has a firm flesh. So you can cook sturgeon, Grilling, in the oven and cook just in cream. We offer recipes from sturgeon, in which the number of components can be chosen arbitrarily. It all depends on the taste and desire chef, number of guests.

Russian sturgeon. To prepare the fish, clean the vegetables, all washed. Sturgeon carcass pour vinegar cucumber without home brine, add sliced onion, celery root, parsley and simmer for 25-30 minutes. Separately, fry a few tablespoons of flour in mustard oil, add the fish broth, salted mushrooms, cucumbers, olives, diced tomatoes and skinless. The mixture was put out to perfection. In a saucepan pour the fish ready zazharku vegetables, boil, add salt. Serve each portion with greenery.

Sturgeon on a spit. Skinless fish strung on a sword and roast on the grill, basting dry wine or fat. Marinate in lemon juice, onion rings. Shake fries. Decorate fish with lemon, served on a wide platter with onions, tomatoes and potatoes. The fish can make homemade mayonnaise or pour the hot butter.

Sturgeon in cream. Portions fillets pepper, salt, collapsed in the flour, egg and breadcrumbs and fry quickly until golden crust with olive oil. Fried postpone the glass to excess oil. The oil from frying brown the flour, pour in the broth, cream and a little boil. In a deep bowl put fish, fill it received sauce and bake in the oven to finish. Serve each portion with greenery.