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Learn proper nutrition …

Posted by on Dec 30, 2011

Learn proper nutrition ...
On the Internet every woman will find a wealth of information about the excellent savory dishes.

But, alas, almost all of the recipes, along with refined taste, give the human body fat harmful elements.

Of course, the members of the household are eating this food with delight, but if you want to instill in them a love for nutrition, start small.

To begin with – Eat yourself just harmless food from nutritional ingredients (greens: celery, cabbage and a variety of cereals).


No need to constantly repeated in the kitchen lectures about good and bad foods. Practice shows that these actions will not lead to the desired result.

"But how, then, to deal with this problem?" – You ask. The answer is simple: using the imagination. Have you ever wondered what healthy food usually does not look too appetizing?

For some reason decided to cook: oatmeal or buckwheat, known for their rich diet of trace elements on the table looks too simple and poor. But if you add to the finished dish bright elements (dried apricots, prunes, raisins, or a variety of nuts), it is safe to say: it is interested.

Similarly, you can beat the situation with winter salad: cranberries or cranberry, lemon slices give food idle kind.

The next trick is to supply wholesome food use beautiful bright dishes. Believe me, the food prepared by the very simple little recipe transformed into an elegant dish with exquisite patterns. If a table with a nice tablecloth will be decorated with elegant napkins, the effect is striking.

Do not forget to observe the taste preferences of the family. If someone does not like onions, and cooked dish requires this ingredient, cut them into separate plate. Experimenting with a variety of seasonings and spices, you get a chance to please his mother something special that can ever replace the junk food …

Author: olshenky