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Fish stew is Mediterranean

Posted by on Feb 15, 2012

Fish stew is Mediterranean

If the dish combine foods such as fish and tomatoes, then it will be not only delicious, but is rich in vitamins.

After all, in tomatoes contain vitamin A, which is very useful to view, he is a stimulant of the process of cell renewal, so the lack of this vitamin can cause a number of serious diseases. A fish is able to maintain a good level of cholesterol in the body. There is a dish where there are tomatoes, and fish – this fish stew is Mediterranean. This stew is prepared quickly and is a snap. His recipe is below.

To prepare this dish, you will need (ingredients listed on six servings): – olive oil – two tablespoons – small red onion – two pieces – medium red pepper – one piece – fennel bulb – one piece – cloves of garlic – two pieces – Tomato – two banks, each containing 400 grams – Tomato paste – Don tablespoon – dry white wine – 200 ml – white fish meat (it can be halibut, cod or haddock) – 700 grams – Tiger Prawns – 200 grams – Olives – 125 grams – parsley for decoration – two tablespoons. Goulash cooking time: 35 minutes. Method of cooking goulash: – First you need to warm up the olive oil in a heavy large saucepan. Meanwhile, the need to finely chop onions, peppers cut lengthwise strips, also finely chopped fennel and garlic. Add these to the pan chopped ingredients and cook for ten minutes over medium heat, stirring gently. – Next, you need to slowly add the canned tomatoes, tomato paste, white wine. Season with pepper. Cook until until the entire mixture boils. Once the mixture starts to boil, turn down the gas and to continue to put out. Stew for about fifteen minutes. Cover the pan does not close! – Prepare fish: Salmon must be washed, clean. Cut it into pieces. They should be about five centimeters. – Boil and clean the prawns. – Add the salmon to the pan and continue to simmer for another five minutes. Willingness to identify the fish. And the last. You need to add the shrimp and olives. Cook for three minutes. All. The dish is ready! It remains only slightly decorate goulash with parsley. Serve the dish should be hot, preferably with hot white bread with a crispy crust.

Enjoy your meal!

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