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Zrazy chopped

Posted by on Feb 26, 2013

Zrazy chopped
What is zrazy? Zrazy – a dish of Belarusian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Polish cuisine, which is a meatloaf or hamburger roll.

Zrazy usually are made from good chipped beef, seasoned with pepper and salt. Filling in this magnificent meals can be very diverse – it can be all possible vegetables, boiled eggs, mushrooms, in some cases, even porridge. Zrazy usually served with soup (in fact, that they are ready), you can also apply to various cereals or mashed potatoes (mashed).

Zrazy made from thin sheets rescued whole flesh meat, which actually and wrap the filling, called zavivantsy (this type zrazy common in Ukraine).

Often considered zrazy chopped, as well as other dishes of the time, was an Italian wife of the ruler of the time of the Commonwealth, by the name of Bona Sforza. But also in the people there is also another version, such as: "The Lithuanian gourmet cuisine, also widely held in the Ukraine and Belarus. After Lithuania and Poland were reunited in the sixteenth century, the dish has become part of the national dishes of Polish cuisine. "

And so now we can go directly to the very process of making this national, truly magnificent dish. For this we need the following products: 1. ground beef – 115g. 2. onions – 60g. 3. Cream margarine – 5g. 4. eggs – 1/4 pcs. 5. parsley – 5. 6. crackers – 10g. 7. lard – 6d. 8. garnish – 150g. 9. sauce – 75g. 10.sol – to taste.

Ingredients listed, you can directly proceed to the preparation method of this unique dishes like "zrazy chopped": Take the thawed ground meat and stir it thoroughly with the bread. From the resulting mixture form a thick slices approximately equal to 1 centimeter in the middle of the resulting circles put passaged chopped onion, there also add chopped, cooked hard-boiled eggs, chopped greens and crackers. After stuffing laid neatly combine cutting our meat and attach our products oval, then our ovalchiki crumble crumbs and fry.

Zrazy should be made with vegetables watered sauce. Zrazy can also be stuffed or posechenny omelette, and as only the fat and onions. As a side dish served buckwheat porridge, mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables. Sauces can be used – with red wine or just red.