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Baked fish in a thick tomato sauce

Posted by on Feb 19, 2013

Baked fish in a thick tomato sauce
Baked fish in a thick tomato sauce can enjoy not only the one who avoids all kinds of diets, but also to those who are strictly followed.

After baked fish can be served with anything, whether it's mashed potatoes or pasta (for those who do not mind the extra calories), and you can present it with different herbs (not to gain extra weight.) Each serving of this dish contains: – 248 calories – 8 grams of fat – one gram of saturated fat.


Baked fish cooking time about 60 minutes. So, here's the recipe for this wonderful dish.

To make this delicious dish you need to take (ingredients designed to prepare four servings of food): – bulb – two pieces – cloves of garlic – four of them – Canned tomatoes (preferably tomatoes in juice) – two cans of 400 grams – White fish (such as halibut) – four of them fillets 175 grams each – basil – two – three branches – Olive oil – Salt to taste – Pepper – Lemon. – Also for grinding ingredients need a blender.

Preparation: – First you wash halibut fillet, then dried. Cut the meat in the amount of four servings. Add salt to taste. Season with a little black pepper. – Bulbs should be cut into rings, then fry them in olive oil to onions become golden. – Garlic cloves should be cleaned from the husk. – Grind using Blender cloves of garlic and tomatoes. Add the mixture to the pan with the onion, salt to taste again and season with black pepper. Extinguish all two – three minutes. Simmer on low heat! – At this time much heat the oven to a temperature of 190 degrees. (Heat up the oven is required to fish in the ruddy crust formed, which will give the dish a special flavor and juiciness). – Braised mixture put in a special form for the oven. Top of it put the pieces of halibut. Place the form in the oven for fifteen – twenty minutes. Determine readiness for fish meal should be, it should be covered with a golden crust. So, the dish is ready! – Remains to chop fresh herbs basil and sprinkle it on fish. And all the little dish decorate with lemon slices.

This dish is required before the bake and serve hot meals, since, continuously after cooking, the fish loses its taste and quality.

Enjoy your meal!

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