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Turkey drumstick, baked in the oven

Posted by on Jan 29, 2013

Turkey drumstick, baked in the oven

Turkey meat – very useful and tasty, and can be a great alternative to chicken meat.

Turkey drumstick attributed to dark meat and equate to game, increasing the time of its preparation. If you want to shorten the cooking time – just buy a turkey leg without bones, this is easier for you to prepare dinner. It is best to bake the turkey in foil, then the meat is soft and tender and fragrant and the nutrients are not lost. There is another indisputable advantage – oven and utensils are clean.

To cook a turkey drumstick, baked in the oven, you will: 1. Turkey drumstick – 2. (Total weight – about 1.2-1.3 kg). 2. Potatoes – 500-600 gr. 3. Mustard – 20-30 gr. 4. Suneli hops (you can use a mixture of other spices). 5. Freshly ground black pepper. 6. Basil. 7. Paprika. 8. Salt.

Begin cooking with, wash the turkey leg. Once it is dry – rub it with salt, spices and strike the mustard. Put the turkey drumstick in a container, cover and marinate for 1.5-2 hours. If you have no time to wait – you can immediately continue to cook.

As a side dish with a little idea best suited potatoes. If you want to surprise your guests or members of the household, you can cut out of each tuber Mushroom, leaving the top and peel. Do not forget to thoroughly wash the potatoes. Those pieces of potatoes, which were disposed after trimming is not necessary – salt them, add a variety of spices, finely chopped dill and leave a little to settle.

Cut a piece of foil such a size that can fit all the potatoes and turkey drumstick. First, lay the foil cut supernatant potatoes, then top with turkey drumstick already pickled, mushrooms and place of potatoes. Top cover dish with foil and wrap the edges. Make sure that the turkey leg was completely wrap or foil and grease or juice will flow out during baking.

Put the leg in foil on a baking sheet in a preheated 200? C oven and bake for 1-1.5 hours. For 10-15 minutes until cooked gently expand the foil, turn the upper grill and bake until golden brown.

Despite the fact that the preparation of meals you take about 2 hours of spare time, and a lot of effort and energy, you will be able to please family and friends are incredibly tasty and juicy turkey shin, baked in the oven.

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