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Chicken fritters

Posted by on Jan 17, 2013

Chicken fritters

Chicken fritters – the dish is relatively new and unusual that is in between meatballs and pancakes. This is one of those dishes that are not ashamed to put guests at the table, without incurring huge costs.

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Pancakes are a lot of advantages in the preparation, and therefore are very popular among professional chefs and home-grown. Here are some of them: 1) Fast – all the ingredients bystrozharkie, which reduces cooking time to the very minimum. 2) Practical – here you can shove all that is in the fridge – like it is unnecessary, and throw a pity. For example, dried up cheese, a single slice of ham, the last drop of cream will fall at once to the court. 3) unpredictability. On the basis of paragraph 2, every time you can get a unique taste pancakes that you can hardly be repeated. 4) The flight of fancy. This meats you can show all your culinary imagination, to show that the earlier you still can not work out. For preparation, you will: – Chicken Breast – 1 pc. – Zucchini – 1 pc. – Peppers -? pcs. – Bow – 1 pc. – Cheese – 100-150 gr. – Herbs – dill, cilantro, parsley, basil – mayonnaise or sour cream. – Sol. – Pepper. – Flour – 1 tablespoon – Breadcrumbs.

Start cooking with cooking the stuffing: finely chop all the ingredients with a knife. A knife to cut a must if you are using a meat grinder or blender – spilled juice from vegetables, and you have rascals mush of vegetables and a bad mood. For onions and cheese, you can use a grater.

Add the beaten egg, sour cream or mayonnaise, various spices and herbs. Stir and add a spoonful of flour to glue. Your stuffing is ready and you can start frying.

Fry with or without breading – take your pick. If you have a good pan – pancakes do not fall apart and do not stick, so that the breading is not necessary – that's a matter of taste.

Fry pancakes on each side should be only 2-3 minutes, until golden, rasplavki cheese. Check that the chicken was whitened – a sure sign of readiness oladushek. Can taste – their own taste buds for what you are not deceived.

Serve the pancakes as you can with a side dish, and without. Very well with pancakes with young potatoes and pickled cucumbers. The same can be served with mashed potatoes. And if you make a hot toast of black bread with garlic – you do not need any side dish.