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The main dish of Uzbek cuisine – Uzbek pilaf

Posted by on Nov 9, 2012

The main dish of Uzbek cuisine - Uzbek pilaf

For many centuries, Uzbek cuisine is renowned for its originality and uniqueness. Having grown up in Asian traditions and recipes, it has its unique specificity, which in turn depends on the region and the cultural traditions of the people living there. Original ingredients and various combinations thereof, which are used in food, the six types of thermal processing products, the diversity of spices – do Uzbek cuisine is very interesting and very popular.

Depending on the time of year, Uzbek cuisine offers appropriate seasonal dishes and products, thus making the variety in the diet. For example, in the summer and autumn of the main dishes are fresh and processed fruits and vegetables. Pears, melons, figs, apples, pumpkin, persimmon, quince, peppers, radishes – the main characters of the table at this time. Winter menu consists of more severe and calories. Dairy, meat, flour products and a variety of dried fruits – the main products in the cold season.

But, in spite of the season, the main dish of Uzbek cuisine has always been a pilaf. Depending on the area where it is cooked, distinguish Bukhara, Samarkand and other types of food. There are about a hundred recipes for making it. But despite the differences, the basis of plov is always a certain set, in its composition, ingredients. The correct name of dishes "Palov Osh". Here lies a clue about the content of the main components of pilaf: onions, carrots, meat, fat, salt, water, rice, respectively piez, des, Bethlehem, Olio, wet, on, shals.

The meat, which is used for pilaf can be quite varied. In Uzbek cuisine can be found pilaf with beef, with lamb, quail, fat tail shell, etc. The only meat that is not used for food – is pork because pig on Islamic beliefs, is considered unclean. Besides the usual pilaf, cook and holidays that are more difficult to prepare and include fruits, quince, raisins, apricots, barberries, spices. The main feature of the preparation of the Uzbek dishes, is the use of Hagan – deep dish with a spherical bottom, resembling cast iron boilers.

To make the thin unusual taste in the national cuisine are commonly used different types of spices. It is hard to imagine without the Uzbek plov cumin, caraway, barberries, coriander, sesame, basil. But, despite their abundance, prepare meals not taken much too sharp or spicy.

Another advantage of the national cuisine is baking. It is unlikely that there will be people who are not familiar with the Uzbek bread and somsa. Besides well known even outside the country dishes in Uzbek cuisine many dishes that are worthy of attention: shurpa, sumalak, manchiza, Hasip – sausage, manta rays, Lagman, etc.

Due to the high taste, satiety and identity Uzbek cuisine has become very popular in the former Soviet Union. Restaurants that practice home cooking Uzbek cuisine can be found even in the most recognized culinary capitals of the world.