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Ham rolls – delicious and beautifully …

Posted by on Oct 16, 2012

Ham rolls - delicious and beautifully ...
When the house comes to a holiday, we always try to advance to prepare.

Birthday, wedding or just a meeting with old friends … The reason is not important, what matters is what the reception and whether the it to guests.

The main advantage, or rather, the decoration of each event is certainly a holiday menu. It is important to prepare a delicious meal, but it is equally important to decorate the dish, and, of course, right to file it.

Today we will focus on how you can make a tasty decoration for any table of ham, the favorite of many. You can watch a recipe Ham roll in stages and to the nearest holiday to please his or her loved ones.


At its discretion, select one of the options and try. It is worth noting, the first option is simpler, suitable for a friendly meal. But do not forget that it is quite Picante.

Must be cut into slices (very thin), ham (200 grams), and pre-buy canned horseradish and garlic. Still need a tomato, which can be cut into cubes beautiful. Well, do not interfere with dill.

Now proceed to the process: Spread slices preserved with horseradish and garlic and sprinkle with chopped dill. Then roll them into rolls and place on a beautiful spacious dish. Now you can decorate the tomato cubes.

To prepare a second embodiment of the goodies you will need no more than thirty – forty minutes. Again a very thin (not torn then) to cut the ham, three on a coarse grater expensive cheese (and then add the garlic in it) and a boiled egg.

In the mixture add the mayonnaise, mint and dill. Thoroughly mix all this, turn ham rolls, starting weight. After this lovely skewers anchoring delicacy and decorate olives pitted each.

Author: olshenky