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6 Reasons NOT to drink beer

Posted by on Jun 25, 2012

6 Reasons NOT to drink beer
Besides the fact that beer is somewhat useful drink (barley contain the necessary proteins and carbohydrates), it also causes alcoholism, big stomach, sick liver, heart problems and weaknesses in bed. The first to suffer from the beer belly.


Daily ingestion of alcoholic fermentation liquid with elements affects the condition of the esophagus, stomach and intestines. With regular use of beer in the stomach first released a lot of mucus and then glands that produce stomach acid, atrophy.

This leads to defective digestion and the fact that the food stagnates or goes into the gut undigested. As a result – and gastritis problems with the chair. Suffers greatly from alcohol liver. At a constant struggle with the beer, the body becomes unreliable barrier to other toxic substances. Abuse of beer can lead to inflammation and even hepatitis. If not stopped in time, the beer may contribute earn cirrhosis. Beer also inhibits enzyme activity, which is why the process of splitting breaks nutrients. In addition, the beer gives the kidneys, heart, and smoothes the endocrine system. "Beer alcoholism" develops to 3 times faster than normal, and the craving to drink more. 

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