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Diet for Hypertension

Posted by on Apr 13, 2012

Diet for Hypertension
People who have unstable blood pressure should eat right. After all, a healthy diet is reflected in the well-being of people, their state of health.

Since high blood pressure should eat some food, and people who have been hypotension, have a different diet.

Measure blood pressure using special devices. However, if the device you do not, then be sure to read a review of the tonometer ws 820, which amounts to the owners of the unit. People who have high blood pressure often do not have to limit yourself to food and have to watch your diet.

During the diet under increased pressure to exclude:

1. Salt – salt intake should be minimal. At night it is recommended to use no more than 5 grams of salt;

2. Limit itself to the fluid intake – drink no more than 1.2 liters per day;

3. Sweet foods, rich simple carbohydrates (sweets, candy);

4. Animal fats.

If you suffer from hypertension, while excluding those foods:

1. Smoked, salted and spicy dishes;

2. Fatty meats;

3. Dairy products;

4. Alcoholic beverages;

5. Strong tea and coffee.

For patients with hypertension, leading doctors have developed a special diet, following which you can lower blood pressure and a beneficial effect on health. Basic foods in this diet should be: lean fish, berries, fruits, salads, rich in vitamin C and dairy products low in fat.

Thanks to this kind of diet and the use of low-fat foods, you can get rid of the disease and to always feel fresh and healthy.