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How to learn to eat right?

Posted by on Jan 24, 2012

How to learn to eat right?
In order to be healthy and beautiful to eat right.

Only a proper and balanced diet can be always in shape, energetic and cheerful.

However, in order to make up a balanced diet is necessary to know some principles and rules.

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And in order to make the right daily menu should be guided by such rules:

1. Must eat frequently but in small portions. As a general rule, a person should eat about four times a day;

2. Eat at a set time, adhering to a regular schedule;

3. Try to exclude admission of salt or seasoning consume only iodized;

4. Sweet as can not be abused. If you have a sweet tooth, then eat more honey. After all, honey – a source of vitamins and nutrients and huge amount of nutrients;

5. Try to drink a normal clean water;

6. Include in the diet of fruits and vegetables, because they are very useful for human health;

7. Eliminate foods that contain preservatives, dyes, food additives and other harmful substances.

8. Always try to cook new dishes with fresh food.

Adhering to these simple rules, you can positively affect the health, improve health and even prevent many diseases. Therefore, a healthy diet – the key to health and high productivity.