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How not to catch a cold in the off-season?

Posted by on Dec 12, 2011

How not to catch a cold in the off-season?
Weather changes immediately affect the defensive response of the body, weakening them. In spring, many doctors recommend eating more fruits and vegetables, and not limit vitamin products. In addition to vitamins they contain minerals and fiber.

Therefore, fruits and vegetables are considered as a set of useful substances. And it is a complex load is important for the body – it should do, and vitamins, and minerals. In the off-season is also replenish vitamin deficiency and vitamin products, for fruit and vegetables in the spring lose their useful properties.

Vitamins contained in other products. Fish oil, for example, is rich in vitamin A. Nuts, black bread and beer – B vitamins are vital for the human vitamin C include kiwi, lemon and herbs. Vitamin D use in pregnant women for prevention of rickets the child, but often overload yourself them, which leads to rapid tissue ossification of the skull. Children in such cases differ little skull. Vitamin E – affect the sex hormones. It is found in animal products, soy, cereals, peas and beans.