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What kind of food should be consumed in order to improve your mood?

Posted by on Feb 14, 2013

What kind of food should be consumed in order to improve your mood?
As we know, human taste preferences are formed in childhood. However, quite often the diet and daily menu depends on the mood of the person.

So in times of stress, and mental activity, many prefer to eat chocolate. Because contained in chocolate, and the amino acid tryptophan, are used by the brain, and they are subsequently able to create a good mood and reduce stress.

Therefore it is very important to listen to your body and use it for food that is appetizing. Ordering food at home will not only enjoy your favorite and delicious dishes, but also to avoid the time and effort in their preparation.

Having used to order food, you can replenish body with all the nutrients and minerals, as well as lift your mood.


Useful materials can be received not only in chocolate, but in chicken, turkey. For good health and a positive attitude, many nutritionists recommend to include in the daily diet of foods such as dates, beans, dairy products, pineapple, carrots, avocados.

Particularly effective in improving mood fatty fish, it also has a beneficial effect on the body: to prevent cardiovascular disease, arthritis. This is explained by the fact that fatty fish contain a lot of omega-3, especially in salmon, sardines and anchovies.

Note, however, that raising your spirits sweet products, you can increase your weight, which adversely affects the well-being of man. Therefore necessary to use the pastry in a strictly limited basis.