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Meat dishes

Posted by on Feb 7, 2013

Meat dishes
Well-known is the fact that the meat contains a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to the work of the human body in general. Among these substances secrete proteins, amino acids, minerals and extractives. On top of eating meat leads to secretion of gastric juice, which is very useful for muscle and bone.

And as we know, gastric juice contains in its structure rather large amount of zinc, which, in turn, plays an important role in the secretion of sex hormones. By the way, besides nutrients meat like beef, is a dietary that is, its maximum energy value reaches no more than 180 calories. But the calorie content of cooked beef is even lower, only 54 calories.

Naturally, all of these desirable properties are freshly prepared meat, not sausages, meatloaf and ham. Although, if these foods are cooked at home, according to the rules and requirements, they will be a substantial benefit. By the way, scientists have come to a common denominator in the choice of the most useful meat. It turned out to ordinary chicken! More specifically, chicken breast. In cooked form, it contains only 135 calories.

Camye delicious meat, perhaps, can be identified in the kitchen of every nation. Here in Slavic cuisine, for example, the traditional meat dish on the holiday table is considered to be baked ham or all of your favorite barbecue. A list of such courses is endless, because each has its own criteria and taste preferences.