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Kiwi – a source of vitamins, mineral and nutrients!

Posted by on Feb 1, 2013

Kiwi - a source of vitamins, mineral and nutrients!
Know, a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, daily routine beneficial effects on human health.

Eating properly, the person should eat every day five of vegetables, fruits, which contain large amounts of nutrients and minerals. In numerous studies, scientists have shown that kiwi – one of the most useful fruit.

Kiwi and its beneficial properties are unlimited, because its structure contains vitamin C, fat, carbohydrates, protein, fiber and sodium, and no cholesterol. At low calorie fruit – 46 calories, so the fruit is often used during a diet.

Daily demand kiwi – one piece of the fruit, it is able to cover the daily need for vitamin C. Because vitamin C strengthens the immune system, improves the body's resistance, as well as vision.


In the kiwi also contains magnesium and mineral salts that help the excretion of cholesterol, normalize digestion. Eating kiwi, positively can affect the functioning of the heart, because the nutrients it includes support heart function.

In many countries the use of kiwi athletes to stimulate and restore processes of life.

The fruit is widely used not only as a product, but also in medicine as a cosmetic. Using kiwi juice, you can clean your face and make her food. Knowing about the healing and beneficial properties of kiwi and eating it daily, you can prevent many diseases, improve health.