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Milk – an inexhaustible source of health

Posted by on Jan 10, 2013

Milk - an inexhaustible source of health
Milk – it is the first product in the life of every person. Its usefulness proznali since the dawn of humanity, watching it as a healing effect on the body. In our time, we know about the benefits of milk is basically that it is a source of calcium, and thus well strengthens teeth and bones. But really nice features are limited only by this? It turns out that this is not so and milk without purpose in ancient times was called the "juice of life."

For nerves

In the morning, for vigor, often drink a cup of coffee, but much more efficiently will affect a glass of fresh milk. It removes drowsiness and spur thought processes. And in the evening milk will help eliminate nervousness and insomnia. Hypnotic action, as such, it does not have, but effectively treats excessive gastric secretion, and if there are no problems with the stomach, and then sleep better.

For the heart

Recently, as a result of the research, it was found that even one glass of milk a day can strengthen heart function and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

For stomach

Because of its properties, and milk can help with heartburn, quickly reducing the excessive acidity. So is it useful drink helps the body absorb some fruits and berries, and reduce the risk of allergic reaction. But in order that the milk is truly useful, it is important that it is carefully poured and transported.

As surprising as it may sound, but for those who buy in bulk milk is very important to keep these items. During pumping milk from farm tanks in vessels of the vehicle is subjected to strong drink mixing and other mechanical influences and why changes occur at the molecular level – are destroyed fat globules. Part of the beneficial properties of milk, the neglect of the subject is lost.