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The benefits of oxygen cocktail

Posted by on Jan 8, 2013

The benefits of oxygen cocktail
Therefore, oxygen cocktails include almost a panacea in the treatment of many diseases: it helps to compensate for the lack of oxygen. What is it? Oxygen cocktail, or oxygen foam – air foam is formed by air bubbles, juice and licorice root extract. Added to drink rosehip extract actively restores immune protection rights. Oxygen cocktail is not only harmless, but it has a very beneficial effect on the human condition, greatly improving the performance of all body systems.

It purifies the blood and increases the level of hemoglobin, increases metabolism (which slows aging) regenerates mucous respiratory system, stimulates recovery from infectious diseases, lowers blood pressure, and much, much more – just not enough space to list all the reasons why the oxygen it's time to call a cocktail bread and butter! So the words "money out of thin air", "money for air" now have a very specific meaning: it is a payment for the criminal treatment of the gift of God – clean air.