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The best combination of products for digestion

Posted by on Dec 13, 2012

The best combination of products for digestion
For digestion of the different components of the body produces different substances. Therefore, to facilitate the digestion of food, it is recommended to use at the same time similar products. It is not advisable to combine with starches acid – acid destroy substances that digest starches.

These types of foods are best eaten separately. Also not recommended to combine proteins with starches. After all, for the digestion of proteins requires highly acidic environment, starches, in that the amount of acid is needed. If you mix these food groups, it will suffer the digestion of starch, because immediately identify acidic gastric juice. Protein with a protein – this is not a desirable combination, because different kinds of proteins require different gastric acidity.

Because one of the components will be poorly digested. Do not mix milk with nuts, meat and eggs, cheese and meat. The combination of acids to the protein causes fermentation and putrefaction of protein foods. Inhibit the production of gastric juices, any fat. So do not combine proteins with fats. The same situation with a combination of proteins with sugars. Starches are digested from the mouth and ending with the stomach, and only sugar is digested in the small intestine. Therefore, this combination leads to a delay in the stomach and sugar fermentation.