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Olympic food – nutrition

Posted by on Dec 5, 2012

Olympic food - nutrition
Athletes who are preparing to take part in the Olympics, limiting themselves in many ways. In particular this applies to their diet. Athletes such a high level is clearly aware of their diet, so they can not afford a single gram of excess food.

The cost of failure may be too high, because the extra weight will be a hindrance to their goal. Treat yourself to harmful and high-calorie meals can only unprofessional, but those in the Olympic Games is not to meet. What should be the Olympic food? It must meet the needs of all categories of athletes. To participate in the Olympic Games athletes come from different countries.

Very often athletes bring with them the products that may not be available on a shared table. These products include caviar, supporting the body protein balance. So did and our national team in biathlon. As a result of successful performance athletes at the last Olympics, with excellent results. Naturally, each athlete is accustomed to its national food and nutrition and their traditions can not change them in any case. For example, the Japanese cuisine is quite different from the Russian.

So you need to cook foreign participants of the Olympiad? Indeed, there is a practice of inviting foreign chefs. In the Olympic village for them is the job. There they cook special meals for his team. If there is such a need, the National Olympic Committee refers to the organizing committee of the country, conducting the Olympics in their territory, with the request to the participation of their chefs.