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The benefits of eating outdoors

Posted by on Oct 25, 2012

The benefits of eating outdoors
After all, what could be better than to live in a warm family circle, dining and watching a summer sunset. What to cook? As the summer delights us an abundance of fruits and vegetables, why not take advantage of this? All the vegetables that are in the garden to cut and mix. Here, perhaps, the most popular summer salad recipe. Want something a little more unusual, check out the website or in the old grandma recipe book.

Do not forget the fruit. Just washed fresh fruit or sliced in a salad are perfect for dessert and not harm the figure. There is another advantage of the meal in the fresh air. Satiety comes faster, so we eat a half than usual. All this thanks to the fresh air, which is saturated cells.

In general, the scientific evidence that the food that enters the body in a relaxed atmosphere is absorbed much faster and better. The only thing that can prevent, it's insects. Still, on the street the summer and the mosquitoes can not escape. Benefit, there are many different tools and insect spray. And if it does not fit your body, causing such an allergic reaction, then you can use clove oil. A couple of drops on the body will be enough, that would protect themselves from bites. Clove oil has an odor, but it does not cause allergies.