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Eat right

Posted by on Oct 23, 2012

Eat right
Healthy eating should be based on the ability of each individual to choose healthy foods. And for this you need to create one set of rules, which will be common for all ages of people, from the age of two.

Healthy eating will be the result, if you choose a healthy and quality food in places where there is a sale of products in bulk, it is easy to find a product that meets all the standards and requirements of the customers.

For the most important recommendations that can be applied to any human nutrition are:

– eating a variety of foods from all food groups every day – there is no absolute good or bad food, all good things in moderation;

– support the balance between the products of different groups on the menu – Supports healthy weight by balancing the number of eating the food and physical activity;

– eating small amounts, but often enough. Satiety – is unacceptable;

– can dramatically refuse unwanted products, change diet should gradually;

– Drinking large amounts of food containing fiber (fruits, vegetables, cereals, breads and other grain products);

– limit your intake of sugar and salt, and reduce to a minimum the amount of fat;

– abstain from alcohol.

All these rules have a scientific basis and are designed to improve the overall picture of the health of a person who tries to live a healthy lifestyle and eats only healthy foods.