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The principles of a balanced diet

Posted by on Aug 17, 2012

The principles of a balanced diet
1) Some people eat more, than move or vice versa. Gold midway hard to find, but not impossible. You just do not overeat, and consume as much energy you expend about. For example, if you spend all day at the computer, biting "dry rations", then you will not notice how hard your body, and then get used to that amount of food.

2) Many women and even men are overweight. To avoid this, it is necessary to control for their calories a day. Specifically, 25% of calories for breakfast, lunch, 50% of calories and dinner 25%. It is important to consume most of the calories until one day, because the body is more active during the day. Also, do not necessarily need to skip breakfast.

3) In the morning you can have breakfast oatmeal, coffee without sugar, vitamins in the form of berries or fruits.

4) You have to mentally make myself fear the fullness, because excess weight can lead to complications such as coronary heart disease or cancer.

5) to disastrous results may malnutrition – anorexia, which is common in modeling.

6) count calories every day.

7) The diet should be varied and include such purged: fruits, vegetables, dairy products and starch, oil. Margarine.

8) Use less fatty foods, spices, sugar, sweets

9) Eat slowly, slowly

10) During the day, try to move more

11) Recovery of metabolism (cleansing the body, drink plenty of water, exercise, fresh air, sauna, massage, sex, douche)

What is included in a balanced diet? This, above all, meat, soup, milk, eggs, cereal and grain products,

All these aspects will really help you to feel better. The main thing to remember, less stress, less food! You also need to get enough sleep. What you're watching your weight, should become a habit.