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Products to the liver. What foods are good for the liver

Posted by on Jul 26, 2012

Products to the liver.  What foods are good for the liver
"The liver is a kind of wild animal, and feed it, once it is, you must, if they want to continue the human race." Plato

Liver – the center of our body chemistry. Its main function – to supply building materials for renovation and growth of tissues of our bodies. It is the liver synthesizes a specific protein, structured specifically for the individual human body. And this is precisely the synthesis from the raw material, which produces our food. In addition, the nutrition (simultaneous use of a large number of protein and starchy foods), in the digestive process, a large amount of toxins. But these poisons into the systemic circulation do not fall, and be grateful for what we have to as our liver. All toxins blow it assumes – filtering the composition of all vessels that bring blood from the intestines. Here, a reasonable person should think: "how to protect the liver from a constant struggle with poisons and help to tackle its initial (construction) function?". In fact, the solution of this problem does not lie at the bottom of a deep well and is quite feasible in the real world. On behalf of the healthy liver will give you some serious conditions: – first of all, non-intentional poisons: nicotine, alcohol. – Cessation of binge eating (there may be frequent, but small portions) – removal of protein and starchy meal, because protein is cleaved in an acidic environment, and starch – in alkaline, so to digest before the end of this chyme can not, the result – the attack of toxins.

In addition to the basic rules of a healthy state of our biochemical laboratory can provide the following products in the diet: – Grapefruit – a source of antioxidants and essential for the natural purification of the liver, vitamin C – Garlic – because of the content of allicin and selenium helps activate enzymes of the liver for detoxification . – Carrots – a source of beta-carotene. Beetroot – kladets plant flavonoids. These elements are designed to stimulate and restore the basic functions of the liver. – Apples – there is no more fruit rich in pectin. Such a chemical composition ensures effective cleaning the digestive system of toxins, and leaves the liver and preventing the accumulation of harmful compounds in it. – Vegetable oil – can be removed from the liver load percentage due to the absorption of toxins in fat. Leading position in this respect take – olive, sesame, linseed oil.

Special attention, caring about the health of the liver, I want to focus on eating fresh greens. That green is the most important ally in the cleansing of the liver. In addition to the high content of simple protein is rich in plant chlorophyll. Chlorophyll – the basis of all forms of carbohydrates on the planet. This means that there is no sugar, honey, potatoes, pasta, rice or bread, which would have in its original basis of the chlorophyll molecule. Thus, to use a lot of herbs, we provide our bodies with the necessary supply of the compound, which, in turn, engaged in cleaning the blood of toxins. Therefore, neutralizing heavy metals, pesticides and harmful chemicals plant chlorophyll provides the most reliable protection of the liver.

Include in the diet of lettuce, spinach, celery, dandelion greens, basil, parsley – it will help stabilize the production and flow of bile. Greens can be eaten in salads, but more useful (no salt and oil), and an effective way to use herbs in the form of cocktails: – 2 cups dandelion leaves – 2 stalks celery – 1 cup fresh parsley – 1 green zucchini – 11/2 pear 'Anjou' – 1/2 teaspoon fresh ginger root – 1/2 teaspoon turmeric – 1 pinch of red pepper – 1 teaspoon lemon juice.

All the ingredients are cut and placed in a blender, fill with water up to two liters. The mixture is whipped up to a minute and poured into glasses. This drink is better to eat in the morning on an empty stomach. Try it, and your liver will thank you!

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