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Products for cleaning the body

Posted by on Jun 29, 2012

Products for cleaning the body
Many people from time to time clean your body. For those who do not have time for the procedure of detoxification, there is an alternative method. It should be easy to include in your diet foods from the following list. This will contribute to a gradual cleansing.

1. Green leafy vegetables, protect the liver against harmful toxins.

2. Lemon juice (in lemonade, salad dressing or hot dishes) containing the water-soluble vitamin C makes all the toxins, after which they are easily removed from the body.

3. Watercress can be added to soups, sandwiches, salads. He will act as a diuretic and will provide the body with useful minerals.

4. Garlic promotes the development of liver enzymes and helps the body to "filter out" toxins. 5

. Green tea rids the body of excess fluid and activates the liver, due to the content of catechins.

6. In sprouting broccoli concentrate beneficial for the heart of matter and stimulate the production of enzymes.

7. Sesame seeds are protected from the harmful effects of alcohol liver cells.

8. Best product helps cleanse the body cabbage. Sulfur, chlorine, and iodine contained in it, clear the mucous membrane of the intestine and stomach, and organic acids, protein metabolism and support prevents the conversion of sugar into fat.