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Rice porridge with milk

Posted by on Apr 25, 2012

Rice porridge with milk
Many different recipes that use rice. He's good as a side dish. It is made of sushi. Who is afraid of a diet and gain extra pounds, pasta is preferred that this cereal. Instead of sugar to reduce calories, you can add honey.

Rice porridge on the water you can cook casseroles and various puddings. It can be combined with cheese, eggs. A good addition to it, instead of honey and sugar will prune and dried apricots. You can flavor it raisins and cream. In the summer, rice well with fresh strawberries and cream. For patients who are dieting number 5 – rice porridge fit perfectly. She and nutritious, and calorie content. Very tasty and healthy.

The dish can be prepared in water, but rice porridge with milk taste better. Add a little sugar and butter – just delicious. This yummy – a good hearty breakfast for the whole family. Who does not like milk, the dish can be prepared in water. It is no sugar. Add honey or any jam. You can add condensed milk or any jam. Figure does not spoil. If you do not like it with butter, and can be without it.

To make this dish must be taken round grained rice. Before cooking it must be well rinsed under cold running water and let the water drain out. You can cook it in an enamel pot, but better in stainless. It does not stick to cereal and does not lose its nutrients. Grits cook until all the water boils away, and only then add the boiling milk and cook it to perfection. The fire must constantly be small, over high heat, and Bree is undercooked or boiled.

The necessary ingredients for:

1. Round grained rice – 100 g

2. Milk – 300 ml.

3. Water – 100 ml.

4. Sugar.

5. Butter – '25

6. Salt.

Method of preparation.

Before you cook rice porridge with milk, cereals should be flushed. Then put on a small fire to cook for 30 minutes. Utensils for cooking should be stainless. If a dish does not you can use an enamel bowl.

Now boil the milk and add it to the cooked cereal. Porridge is cook for 30 minutes over medium heat, stirring constantly so it does not burnt. Add salt and sugar to your taste.

Porridge is ready. Break it into bowls. Wish to add the butter.

To it can be fed boiled eggs, tea or cocoa. Well with her cheese sandwiches.