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Most harmful products

Posted by on Apr 4, 2012

Most harmful products
Consumption of unhealthy food can lead to weight problems, heart disease and stomach. Thus, the frequent use of fatty meat provokes the appearance of plaque on blood vessels that lead to the development of heart disease and premature aging.

Meats are mostly composed of transgenic soy and contain hidden fats, flavors and taste substitutes. Mayonnaise and ketchup are a greater threat to your waistline. In addition, in these foods contain a lot of colors, preservatives and sweeteners.

One of the most harmful products are chips, it's a combination of carbohydrates with fats with the addition of dyes and taste substitutes. Instant soups and noodles – it's almost 100% chemistry. It is best to refrain from excessive consumption of salt. It leads to a reduction in pressure, accumulation of toxins and violations salt KISLOVA balance. Chewy candies and chocolate bars – is unnecessary calories, sugar, dyes, chemicals, artificial flavors and.

Alcohol interferes with the absorption of vitamins and a high-calorie foods. Sweet drinks – this is absolutely crazy mixture of chemicals, gas and sugar. It spreads very rapidly through the body of harmful substances.

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