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Dried fruits and vegetables – a source of vitamins, mineral and nutrients!

Posted by on Mar 21, 2012

Dried fruits and vegetables - a source of vitamins, mineral and nutrients!

Summer, characterized not only by the holiday and recreation, but also for conservation of vegetables, fruits and dried fruits.

After all, the house should always be available for conservation and dried fruit, they are the source of vitamins and minerals in the cold season.

In order to properly prepare fruits and berries need to know how to make them dry. Currently, special dryer ezidri, allowing harvest fruits and vegetables in the optimal and acceptable conditions.

Since the self-drying fruit – a very long and uncomfortable process, accompanied by such unpleasant factors such as dust deposition, insect on trays directly on the fruit.

Thanks Ezidri drying of fruit or vegetables for insects will be absent. And their harvesting will take place under the influence of clean and warm air stream. Since each type of dryer for this specially equipped heaters.

As a result of drying fruit, so they will keep all the vitamins, micro and macro, as well as nutrients. The healing properties of the dried fruit is probably known to many. At home they are used not only for cooking or cooking the compote, but also in medicinal purposes.

It is known that stewed fruit has beneficial effects on the digestive processes in the body and the stomach. A dried raspberries always have, by the way, during a cold or more serious diseases. So every year to harvest drying of fruits and vegetables.