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Beet juice returns youth

Posted by on Feb 2, 2012

Beet juice returns youth
Recent studies carried out by scientists from the University of Exeter, and the College of Medicine and Dentistry, showed that drinking beet juice helps elderly people that they can live a more interesting and active life.

Volunteers drank fresh juice and beet juice released from nitrates. The result has been a marked improvement in the group that drank fresh juice. This has led scientists to conclude that nitrate is the active element and that it gives the juice rejuvenating effect. Note that the beet juice is rich in zinc and manganese, iodine and potassium. It is used in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, and liver disease and hypertension.

It is especially useful for women. It is recommended to drink with carrot in an amount no less than 0.5 liters per day. Beet juice, removes toxins and harmful substances, also has a cleansing effect on the body. It is very useful for people suffering from anemia and loss of strength, during the spring or after the disease beriberi. As a remedy, the juice is used to improve the blood. The fact that it is organic acids, and the beet contains a lot of fiber, increase the peristaltic activity of the intestine.